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The Royal Wax Printer officially presented!

Royal Wax Printer blog
The Royal Wax Printer - collaborative development of a new kind of wax printerThe Royal Wax Printer is an Artistic Research and Development Project at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, ongoing since 2016.
The project is initiated and held by 3 workshops at the Royal Institute of Art; the 3D-lab (Esther Ericsson), the glass workshop (Ulrika Rosengren Gustafsson) and the bronze workshop (Anneli Scheutz) in collaboration with Cederb AB (Erik Cederberg).
The Royal Wax Printer is a brand new kind of 3D-printer being developed at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. It will give artists and art students the prerequisites for new expressions and improved working methods. The The Royal Wax Printer is unique in its kind as it will print in sculpture-wax, which can be steamed or burned out. Some key features of the printer are: Printing in sculpture waxesLow cost and environmental friendlyImproved working methodsSecuring original and enables artistic expressions

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